Logic of English Essentials Curriculum

After reading Uncovering the Logic of English, I was expecting a very organized, thorough, easy to teach course. I was not disappointed. Gathered into a mere 40 lessons, the course imbues students with an almost comprehensive understanding of English as applied to reading, writing, and spelling. While the course was originally conceived for 8-year-old to adult students who are not reading at grade level, it may be used effectively with children as young as five or "young emerging readers". To begin the lessons, students must have:

Developed phonemic awareness (realize that letters and letter combinations make sounds and can distinguish sounds)

Lest the prerequisites scare you away from beginning this program, the author has provided advice and direction for preparing your child for the lessons. A fourteen-page Before You Begin section provides a framework for teaching all three. She recommends spending 30 preliminary sessions doing so. While the basic instructions are here, you may want to incorporate some other supplementary materials for this preparatory segment. Many good products are available to make this part easier on you. As a side note, she also presents a compelling case for teaching your beginner cursive rather than manuscript writing. >

Five different implementation schedules are provided to accommodate any age and level of proficiency from the youngest beginner to remedial adult. For the youngest student, the course will progress at the rate of one lesson every two weeks (80 weeks), whereas the older, remedial student will complete a lesson every one to two days.

A helpful section e

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