Imponderables Series

Chances are your kids have plenty of questions, but you don't always have the answers. These books are full those "imponderables" and answers. Everyone in the family is bound to learn a lot from these books. The questions span all subjects and include toughies like "Why doesn't milk in the refrigerator ever taste as cold as the water or soda in the refrigerator?" "How and why did 7UP get its name?" "What does the USPS do with mail it can't deliver or return because of lack of a return address?" "Why are baseball dugouts built so that they are half below ground?" "What are you hearing when you shake a light bulb?" "What's the difference between a lake and a pond?" and "Why do all armed forces start marching with the left foot?" If you give one of these books to your kids, chances are they'll start sharing more answers than questions! My sample, Do Penguins Have Knees? holds nearly 150 imponderables, plus chapters including ten new frustables, a frustable update, and the frustables that will not die - (frustables are those imponderables which are hard to solve, even by the wide variety of contributors to the series). It is 317 pgs long, and I assume the books are of similar length. - Melissa

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