Communist Manifesto

Did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have any idea how their little book would change the world for decades, probably even centuries? Published in 1848, this work had a dramatic political effect all over the world, the results of which countries are still recovering from today. The ideas put into writing by these two writers will probably always come up during debates on capitalism and class. In this book, they presented the idea of Communism, a society without class or private property, and they argue that exploitation of industrial workers will lead to a revolution in which capitalism is overthrown. We offer two editions of this historical classic. The Penguin edition includes a 180+ page introduction by Gareth Stedman Jones that assesses how the book has affected history and its continuing relevance as a depiction of global capitalism. It reproduces Samuel Moore's translation of 1888 and contains a guide to further reading, notes, and an index; 288 pgs, pb.

The Dover edition includes the Communist Manifesto, plus several other revolutionary works: Declaration of Independence, Declaration of the Rights of Man, and writings by Lenin, Rousseau, Gandhi, and others. 284 pgs, pb.

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