Do It Yourself Science

I would venture to say that all children love science experiments, but as a busy parent and teacher, finding time to do hands-on activities is challenging, which is why I love this new series. Written directly to the student, each book explores the world of science through understandable text, inviting illustrations, and plentiful, clearly written experiments for independent learning. Experiments use common household items, saving you the expense and hassle of acquiring lab supplies. Interesting facts, sprinkled throughout the books, provide students with the "wow" factor in learning - for example, did you know that a recent study claimed that as much as one quarter of the world's beach sand is now actually made up of tiny grains of plastic? Located at the back of these engaging books, you will find a comprehensive glossary, index, and an additional recommended resource list for books, websites, and organizations/places to visit.

You may wonder how this compares to the "True Books: Science Experiments with ___" Series. The general feel of these books is that they are designed for the older middle school student. The text size is smaller, as compared to the True Books which incorporate a larger font for younger readers. Information found in both series is clearly explained although this series does introduce more advanced science topics. Generally speaking, the hands-on activities are more developed in this series, making it more applicable for older elementary and middle school students. As an admirer of the True Books, I feel they are a wonderful supplement for the younger student who is learning the foundational concepts of Science, basics of the scientific method and scientific thinking.

An essential resource for your science curriculum or unit studies, and tremendous time saver for busy homeschool parents or classroom teachers, children will beg to "do it themselves" and you can feel confident in releasing them to take control of their own learning! Please note these are from a secular publisher and contain the occasional evolutionary reference. 48 pgs, sc. ~Deanne

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