Christian Liberty Preschool Program

Although relatively new to our company, this program has been used in the Christian Liberty Academy day school for a number of years, and it lays the foundation for the "Adventures in Phonics" program.

The Teacher Guide has content divided into lessons for 30 weeks of instruction. A 34-week suggested outline for the lessons begins with 2 weeks to introduce basic skills and to evaluate students' abilities before beginning the actual lessons. Similar evaluation time is included at the end of the lessons to make up these 34 weeks. Each of the 30 lessons correspond closely to the pages of the activity book and offers the theme, craft ideas, activities, Bible story, memory verse, and special snacks. Following the lessons are page-by-page instructions for the activity book pages. The appendices at the back of the book include a student evaluation form, alphabet charts and cards, number line, and progress report form. "My ABC Bible Verses" is mentioned in the front of the teacher guide, but it isn't required to do the program because each lesson suggestion includes scripture and a Bible story. "Trottino's Tale" is also mentioned and can be used as a read-aloud at any time during the school year. Teaching suggestions are included at the back of "Trottino's Tale," but isn't mentioned in the lesson suggestions found in this teacher guide. The 303 page Activity Book includes practice for an introduction to the alphabet, numbers 0-10 in sequence, colors, shapes, size, matching, opposites, patterns, and other basic skills. Students do about 2 pages per day for a total of 10 pages per lesson. The book is printed in color for a greater appeal to the younger set and 1 ¾ inch lines are used in the earlier lessons with ¾ inch line spacing used in the last lessons. Pages 95 through 263 offer students a choice of line size since children's fine motor skills vary. Pages 301 and 302 are tests for evaluating your child's understanding of initial letter sounds. The Drill Book includes exercises for extra practice in basic handwriting skills, forming letters, writing numbers and working on color and shapes. The pages of this book are reproducible for those who need even more practice within your family or classroom. The line spacing is all ¾ inch in this book and pages are color printed. The 5 Readers are to be used at the point when students know the sounds of each letter. Each full-color reader focuses on a different short vowel with the short vowel words printed in red. These same words are printed in a master list at the back of each book. A note to parents at the front of the book explains the best way to use these readers with beginning reading students. This is a complete preschool program which will teach your young ones the basics in preparation for kindergarten and beyond. - Donna

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