Reading and Writing Nonfiction

Looking for an easy way to add nonfiction reading and composition to your Language Arts? This series of workbooks may just be the ticket: reasonably priced, meets varied skill levels and provides good practice for all types of nonfiction writing. Choose from three different levels: Level 1 (6-8); Level 2 (7-10); Level 3 (9-12). Each consumable, non-reproducible workbook is divided into two sections: Composition and Language. Within each section, you'll find questions meeting basic, intermediate and advanced needs. With this structure, teachers can assign and grade exercises as appropriate for different students. The Composition section contains 14 chapters (7 pages each) which center on a guided-reading passage. Students will learn vocabulary words, test comprehension and critical reading skills, use graphic organizers to plan writing, and use the writing prompts to practice various writing modes for various purposes. The Language section contains 15 chapters (3 pages each) to help students understand and practice grammar. In the interactive reading, students will focus on these skills, then apply what they've learned. The final activity in each chapter is a page of activities grouped into tactile and oral categories. I love this option for multiple learning styles. Student Book is 8 1/2" x 11", 141 pp, sc. Each level's Teacher Guide is a stapled paper pamphlet containing a brief introduction to the material, a Table of Contents for the Student Edition, and the answers (8 1/2" x 11, approx. 14 pp). ~

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Grades: 9-12
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