Nighttime Shadows

If you have ever made a bunny shadow puppet hop along, then you have the idea of this clever yet simple set of shadow "puppets." Each set has a theme with 8-10 silhouette cut-outs made of sturdy black cardstock attached to a wooden skewer (no pointy ends.) The idea is to make up a story, original or familiar and, with a light behind you, hold the puppets up and make them act it out. Hang up a sheet on a clothesline or project your shadows onto a wall. How fun for a bedtime story or sleepover! It really is a charming and imaginative playset. Even the packaging is sweet, a parchment envelope approx. 6x9.5x1", by Moulin Roti, made in France.

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Item # 015034
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $17.00
Our Price: $15.30
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