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If you're looking for easy-to-read books on science topics that are sure to capture your child's attention, you have come to the right place. Bright, bold, and larger-format than many other books written for this age group, these books demand attention - and they are sure to get it! Each book is formatted almost like a magazine, with each spread focusing on one topic. The text is large and readable, and is broken up by full-color photos and pictures into small, readable bites. Instead of focusing on general facts, they are more like a simple field guide, showing examples of different species (or models!). My favorite so far is Bugs and Spiders. Each spread displays a very large, blown-up photo of a bug, with another photo of a life-size example of the bug. Simple text explains where the bug is found, what they look like, what they eat, and why they are special. One or two smaller photos show the bug in its natural environment, with accompanying text also in large font. The right-hand side of each spread shows a simplified life cycle of the insect or spider. Most of these involve 3-4 steps, illustrated with a simple drawing of an egg, larva, and adult insect. Other books in the series also try to give children a sense of scale - in Mammals, a child-like drawing of the animal stands next to a growth chart and a child, while in Dinosaurs, species are depicted with a length measurement and a figure of a grown man. Full of fascinating facts and pictures, these are sure to be pulled off the shelf for more than just science time. 96 pgs - Jess

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