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Edmond Dantès is just nineteen years old when his whole life is changed forever. On the day of his wedding to his true love, Edmond is unfairly arrested and unjustly sentenced to solitary confinement in the notorious Chteau d'If. Over the course of the 14 years Edmond is imprisoned, he learns many things from a fellow prisoner, including the location of a great treasure. Following the death of his friend, Edmond makes a daring escape and is soon on his way to the island of Monte Cristo to find the treasure. After becoming a self-made count, Edmond begins weaving his plans of revenge for those involved in his imprisonment. The epitome of patience, Edmond has perfectly planned and crafted the proper revenge due each man, and these things he brings about over the space of many years, as well-timed as they are well-planned. This book is a riveting novel, well-written and rich in plot and language. We have two versions of this classic, a shorter abridged version that is 580 pgs (a Tor Classic), and a larger, unabridged version that is 1462 pgs (a Modern Library Classic).

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Grades: 9-AD
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