Ask Dr. Callahan Algebra II with Trig

Dr. Callahan has long been respected in math. We are now able to offer (based on availability) the out-of-print Textbook and a Solutions Manual to align with the his Algebra II with Trig course. These books are gently used and match the Ask Dr. Callahan tutorial DVD , teacher’s guide , syllabus , and tests. The first 5 chapters of the text cover what you might typically find in an Algebra 2 text. Chapters 6 through 12 cover trigonometric concepts and functions. In the back of the text you’ll find answers to odd numbered problems and all problems in the chapter reviews (over 900 pages).

The Solutions Manual offers worked- out solutions to the odd numbered problems found in the text and solutions to all problems found in the chapter reviews. It also offers a summary of key ideas and formulas at the beginning of each chapter. These books have not been written in and pages aren’t folded or earmarked. For used books, they are in excellent condition.

The Teacher's Guide provides basic information on how to set up the course, a detailed syllabus for an Algebra II semester and a Trigonometry semester, a guide for grading tests (with grade sheets) and three tests plus a final for Algebra II and two tests plus a final for Trig. Also included are solutions for all test problems.

The Algebra II Online Videos feature Dr. Dale Callahan, whose math lectures correlate with the text and are illustrated by whiteboard examples. The online also comes with a teacher PDF. The course text is College Algebra with Trigonometry, Seventh Edition , Raymond Barnett, Michael Ziegler, Karl Byleen published by McGraw-Hill. The Teacher's Guide, Tests, and Syllabus is also available in a print form for separate purchase along with solutions to selected problems.

In case you're wondering what the difference is between this course and a precalculus course - it's all in the name; course content is essentially the same. As with other Ask Dr. Callahan courses, you can indeed ask Dr. Callahan - either through his website or by email. ~ Janice

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