Map and Graph Skills Series

Maps, charts, graphs and diagrams. Apparently they all have something in common. Or maybe the commonality lies more in the skills needed to effectively read and use the information presented in these formats. Learning how to translate visual tools into understandable information, and, conversely, knowing which visual tools to use in the presentation of different facts, figures, or things will be invaluable throughout life. This series is the perfect introduction to these skills. The series assumes no prior knowledge of maps, graphs, diagrams or charts. The early activities ease children into the use of these tools in a very gentle way, with plenty of coloring and tallying and looking at pictures. As the activities progress, students learn about types of maps, using charts and graphs and maps in conjunction, bar graphs, line graphs, labeling diagrams, venn diagrams, mind mapping, pictographs, thematic maps and how to use them all!

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Grades: 2-4
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